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Why Maia Sourcing?

With high level quality and reasonable prices, Maia is the perfect partner for you. As we work with many producers, your brand won’t be valued as a “newcomer” to our facilities but a new branch of our long term commitment. If you are a new brand, you can grow with our respected manufacturers who work with very qualified European brands. If you are long established brand, you can try something new with us.

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Maia respects Planet Earth! Maia is always keen on the developments for sustainability, progression is the key. We offer our customers different techniques, yarns and technologies which are good for the environment. With being open-minded on technologies and innovation, Maia’s priority is to always inform their customers on eco-friendly techniques. We always work with suppliers who are achieving the core values of sustainability. We work with sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, modal, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, tencel and many more. We prefer sustainable applications in printing, embroidery, washing and dyeing processes.




Teknik Yapı Concord Istanbul

Dumlupınar Mah. Yumurtacı Abdi

Bey Cad. No: 13 2. Etap C155



Dongchen International Mansion,

Room 1205, No. 796 Yaoga Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China            

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