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All About Maia

Your reliable partner in Turkey!

As Maia Sourcing, we can produce your garments in production facilities with high level quality and reasonable prices in Turkey and China. We have teams in both countries who control the production process and checking the quality all along the way.

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Maia Sourcing is located in Istanbul with branches in Germany & China.

If you work with us:

*You can avoid the language barrier

*Meet the suitable supplier for your needs

*Be sure the quality process is well controlled

*Skip the hard negotiations with the supplier to us!

*Do not worry about the MOQs!

As Maia Sourcing, our ultimate goal is to use our well earned experience to connect our valueable clients with right fit producer from our wide range of supplier base, while ensuring them the quality and the price benefits.

With Maia you can rely on: 

 On-Time Delivery

Wide options for suppliers

No MOQ Requirement

High Ethical Standards

Sustainable Production




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